16 Memes For Your Friends And For Those That Miss Friends

While Friends may have ended in 2004, older episodes of the show often air on TV and were recently streaming all over Netflix before moving to HBO Max this year. Based on the amount of agony displayed on Twitter following the show’s removal from Netflix, it appears the comedy has truly expanded its fan base, and with that comes an exceptional amount of memes. Below are 16 of our favorites collected from the subreddit /r/HowYouDoin.

2020 Ruining Relationships Like Rachel Greene

Мy Plans 2020 AOOJ TheMooPoint09 TR Facial expression


(Source: Reddit)

If Only There Were Dinosaurs In The Hospital

I'm Doctor Ross Geller. Ross, please, this is a hospital, ok? That actually means something here. Ross Geller Friends Rachel Green Monica Geller Chandler Bing Hair Hairstyle Chin Forehead


(Source: Reddit)

Source – Know Your Meme News

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