A New TikTok Series Inspired By One Kid’s Joy Ride


Man, I’m Finna Whip Dis Ho is a viral video of a young boy speeding away in a fast car after claiming “Man, I’m finna whip dis ho,” meaning, I’m going to drive this car fast. The video that went viral in December 2019 on YouTube became a popular sound bite on TikTok mixed with Playboi Carti’s “Molly” Destxmido remix in late July 2020 with TikTokers sharing videos of themselves or others going, or attempting to go, fast.


On December 29th, 2019, YouTuber Lil Esco 28 uploaded a short video of himself in the driver’s seat of a car saying, “Man, I’m finna whip dis ho” and then driving off (shown below). The video garnered over 591,800 views and 17,000 likes in six months.


In early July 2020, TikToker atl_gxccj uploaded a mashup sound of Lil Escho’s voice and Playboi Carti’s “Molly” Destxmido remix which has since acquired over 41,000 video uses. On July 20th, TikToker iliketoeatbugs uploaded a video of themselves lying on a skateboard into some bushes using the sound clip and gained over 1.6 million likes in 11 days (shown below, left). On July 24th, shyohs uploaded a video of squirrel flying off in an airplane using the sound and received over 1.7 million likes in a week (shown below, center). On July 26th, TikToker onyeka.ezeokeke_ tried to drive a broken-down car in a video using the Lil Escho sound clip and accumulated over 449,900 likes in five days (shown below, right). StayHipp published an article on the trend.

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