Actress Skai Jackson Finds Herself Subject Of Controversy After Encouraging Her Followers To Dox Minors


Skai Jackson Doxxing Minors refers to the controversy surrounding American actress Skai Jackson doxxing and posting personally identifiable information of various adolescents to her Twitter feed and encouraging her followers to send her examples of “racism” online in an effort to expose them.


In late May and early June 2020, Jackson made several posts to her social media accounts, primarily Twitter, requesting her followers to share examples of racism and revealed their personal information, including phone numbers, addresses, emails and information about their schools. In one instance, the name, number and address of a 13-year-old boy was posted in screenshots to her Twitter feed (seen below), which has since been removed for violating the platform’s rules.

Skai Jackson O @skaijackson both are upcoming freshman at High School in! ! They are both very racist and say the N word constantly! yo boi_trash_xii Nigga yo boi trash xi 59w Reply 235 Posts Fallowers Following 50 351 sherifficey Guacamole nigga penis 59w Reply Yo boi trash skateboard sherifficey 188 73 Posts 442 message Followers Following phone Samuel "Pray Naked" - Hebrews 4:13 Love you 3000 FaceTime 4:26 am 6/6/20 Twitter for iPhone Text Font Line
After followers went after the wrong person online, Jackson later apologized and said, “don’t go after that account. I posted the wrong one.”

Skai Jackson @skaijackson Please do not comment on his page anymore. Someone sent me the wrong Dylan, he is not the one who made the racist song just to clear that up! dylanthedon_ 14m For those who aren't already aware @skaijackson has the wrong person. Thad nothing to do with the racist song, those who know me know I am all about spreading positivity. The 2 individuals who did make the song (one of whom being named Dylan) have since deleted their socials. This is a case of mistaken identity and I Text Font
On June 1st, 2020, and the following days, Jackson requested her Twitter followers “If you know a racist, and would like to expose them, dm me on Instagram and give me all videos/ screenshots, Instagram and what school they go to,” and posted numerous examples on Twitter.


Online Reactions

Over the course of early June 2020, users online replied to the series of tweets with a mixture of support and criticism. One such example was tweeted by Twitter user elijahdaniel on June 5th, 2020, who said, “omg …. what @skaijackson is doing on twitter right now…. is what we call modern art,” receiving over 51,000 likes and 5,900 retweets. On June 15th, 2020, Twitter user zaptiee criticized the actions of Jackson and her followers and stated, “This fucking psychopath spends her time doxing highschoolers for saying ‘guacamole nigga penis’ i cannot make this shit up,” receiving over 4,300 likes and 700 retweets (seen below).

zaptie @zaptiee This fucking psychopath spends her time doxing highschoolers for saying 'guacamole nigga penis' i cannot make this shit up Text Font Line Sky Banner Logo
Several YouTubers began discussing the controversy in mid-June 2020, including Upper Echelon Gamers, diesel patches and SomeOrdinaryGamers, who uploaded a video on June 17th, 2020, titled “Skai Jackson Is Completely Irresponsible…” The video (shown below) received over 350,000 views, 34,000 likes and 4,600 comments.

In June 2020, many media outlets also began reporting on the story, with a mixture of praise and criticism. On June 10th, 2020, InStyle published an article titled, “Skai Jackson Is Using Her Platform to Expose Racism Online,” which applauded her behavior. On June 17th, 2020, the site SausageRoll published an article criticizing her actions under the title “Skai Jackson, 18, uses Twitter to ruin minors’ lives for edgy memes.”

Reddit also began discussing the controversy on the platform in June 2020, including a post from Redditor 1jmlucas to the r/OopsDidntMeanTo sub. The post (seen below), was captioned under the title “Skai Jackson recruiting her fans to dox ‘racist’ minors info publicly without even fact-checking info,” receiving nearly 300 upvotes and 60 comments.

Tweet Skai Jackson O To all the colleges who we contacted Skai Jackson O about the students they have being racist, please don't just say you are going to look into it.. we gave you the information, please do the work! If you know a racist, don't be shy! 12:54 PM 6/6/20 Twitter for iPhone RECEIPT Tweet me the receipts 9,717 Retweets 80.6K Likes MADISON 22h 9:03 PM · 6/3/20 · Twitter for iPhone Replying to @skaijackson Hundreds of people contacted this school to get this racist criminal justice major kicked out and they released a statement saying that they will try to teach her to not 3,657 Retweets 29.4K Likes be racist instead 5:41 10 07 Eltiana's Post se are u actually racist or just socially unaware of the polnical climate Samaria im ago from Cae Im ract Eltiana's Post wynes wn Wynestbh 309-79 FUCK THEM PIGS 3d Skai Jackson O Replying to @skaijackson ww Please do not comment on his page Here's a couple anymore. Someone sent me the wrong Like Reply Dylan, he is not the one who made the 2m What time does the gun shop open? I have a little time to kill before the racist song just to clear that up! you seem like a nice guy nick, do the search Just now Like Reply 14m or thanks I guess but you seem like a terrible quy. protest. Write a comment... 9 w e r tyu i For those who aren't already aware @skaijackson has the a d f ghjk wrong person. Ihad nothing to do with the racist song, those who know me know I am all about spreading positivity. The 2 V n m return SUBSTITUTE CAFETERIA WORKER 123 space PERSONNEL SERVICES individuals who did O11 2770 make the song (one of whom being named Dylan) have since 623 deleted their socials. This is a case of FUCK THEM PIGS C 3d mistaken identity, and I will not allow my name to be tarnished. For the last two pics The assistant superintendent of student Text Product Font Website
On June 17th, 2020, after several online users began noticing the comment “guacamole nigga penis” being spammed on Jackson’s Twitter, Redditor bestchampion1 made a post to the r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit and asked, “What’s the deal with everyone comment “guacamole n**** penis” on Skai Jackson’s Twitter?” The post was upvoted over 7,800 times and commented on 831 times. The top reply from Redditor E_Koli3 said:

Answer: (kind of) “Guacamole n**** penis” came from one of those stupid Facebook rapper names where this one said “Your rapper name is the color of your pants and the last thing you ate. Mine is… Blue waffle?” and someone replied saying “guacamole n**** penis” and Skai Jackson didn’t like it because it had the n-word so she released the contact info of people who said it and now people are spamming her twitter with it.

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