Adopt Me! Remains One Of Roblox’s Most Popular Games


Adopt Me! is a Roblox role-playing game in which players adopt and care for a digital baby or pet.


On July 14th, 2017, Adopt Me! launched on Roblox. Created by NewFissy and Bethink of the DreamCraft development group, the game originally only allowed players to care of babies and added pets in 2019.


On September 4th, 2019, Medium n_arc wrote, “Adopt Me! is an extremely exciting game to review because of the hidden complexity behind the picturesque façade.”

The game is one of the most popular games on Roblox. According to Vice, in summer 2020, “the game peaked at 1.6 million players online at once” and “regularly sees over 700,000 concurrent players.”


In July 2019, the Adopt Me! Twitter account launched. In about 13 months, the account has more than 531,000 followers. The game’s Instagram account has more than 1 million followers as of August 2020.

On April 23rd, 2020, the @playadoptme TikTok published its first video. The post received more than 325,000 views, 68,000 likes and 1,800 comments in less than one year (shown below, left). Through the year, the account continued to post video (examples below, center and right).

On January 10th, 2020, the PlayAdoptMe launched its YouTube account. Within one year, the channel has more than 878,000 subscribers (example below).

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