“Always Has Been” Fends Off Sad Will Smith And Other Challengers For Meme Of The Week

As we enter the back-half of July, there’s no doubt that the most popular meme of the month so far is Always Has Been, a template which has begun to hit critical mass as anti-joke edits and ultra-surreal twists spread through the internet. In the hyper-fast meme economy, it’s rare to see a template generate such usage over an extended period of time, hitting a level of popularity similar to that seen by Is This a Pigeon? in the summer of 2018.

But while “Always Has Been” continues to dominate the meme scene, several worthy challengers cropped up over the past week, including Sad Will Smith, more Surprise Cake memes and Ivanka Trump Holding Goya Beans. All of these are solid memes, and in any other week could be strong contenders for Meme Of The Week, but instead contribute to the rich tapestry of memeing going on alongside the numerous problems plaguing the world.

You’re About To Get Run Over By A Garchomp, Hank


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