Another Child Interrupts A BBC Interview

It’s been over three years since Robert Kelly’s kids interrupted his interview with the BBC, and now we finally have a successor.

Another child adorably interrupted her parent’s BBC interview on Wednesday, when Dr. Clare Wenham’s daughter Scarlett decided that she simply had to find the perfect spot to place a picture of a unicorn behind her mother as she talked to Christian Fraser about the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone appeared to take the moment in good humor, as Fraser joked he felt the painting would look good on the lower shelf. At that point, Scarlett began demanding to know who her mother was talking to, not knowing she was currently on national TV.

The moment was a hit with viewers for its heartwarming silliness.

Wenham soldiered on through the interview with aplomb, and let everyone know the answer to the pressing question: where did they put the unicorn?

Source – Know Your Meme News

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