“Chrisposting” Memes Depict Chris Redfield Really Wanting Leon To Get It On With His Sister


Chrisposting refers to memes and parodies featuring Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield desperately trying to have fellow protagonist Leon Kennedy impregnate his sister Claire Redfield, often featuring excessive phrases such an “fuck my sister” and “continue the Redfield bloodline”. As the parodies grew in popularity, they eventually spread to other fandoms as well.


Following the release of the Resident Evil 2 Remake on January 25th, 2019, fans of the series quickly began to notice the flirtatious behavior of Claire Redfield towards Leon Kennedy. In less than a week, multiple videos began to appear on Youtube which pointed out these moments, most notably a scene where both characters are standing opposite of a locked gate.

Within the canon of the series, Chris and Claire Redfield are orphaned siblings and additionally the only family they have left — meaning that their bloodline will die out with them if neither produces offspring.

Precursor: No Way Fag

No Way Fag is a single panel art exploitable featuring Leon Kennedy’s rejection for “overtime” by Ashley Graham, the main female support character of Resident Evil 4, at the end of the game. A piece of fanart by artist Plague of Gripes parodying this scene grew in popularity over the years; also leading to Leon Kennedy becoming known as being oblivious to sexual advances by fans.


One of the earliest traceable parodies regarding the relationship between Leon and Claire was posted in a 4chan thread on January 28th, 2019 featuring greentext stories about Claire’s and Chris’ behavior at a Redfield family reunion (shown below).

U Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:05:47 No.448649679 >>448650182 >>448650253 >>448650371 >>448646596 >Redfield family reunion >Their distant relatives come to visit once or twice a year >It’s always the same thing >Claire sits at Chris’s side on the table >Uncle Norris asks how life is >Chris says things are going good, Claire just graduated from special ed. homeschool >He’s a hardworking man who’s only worried about providing for his little sister and protecting her >All he ever wished for is to see her happy >Dinner is served >It’s italian food >Claire has to eat with a spoon because she doesn’t know how to properly use >Aunt Rose asks if she has found a boyfriend yet >Expects to hear a "no", as always >Claire replies with "y-yes" >Everyone is surprised >"I-it’s that guy that escaped from C-cocoon with me. He’s very nice a-and his smile makes me h-happy" >Every Redfield in the room is in a state of pure shock >Good ol cousin Cletus asks where he is and why Claire didn’t bring him >"W-well, u-uhh. I-i. >Claire starts sobbing >Spills all the spaghetti she was eating over herself >Also drops her grape juice all over her dress (she’s not allowed to drink wine or alcohol in general) >Gets up and runs to her room >All relatives except Chris start laughing >Chris goes to check on her >She’s playing mom with her legos >Starts slowly falling asleep right there >Chris carries her to bed, puts a blanket over her and whispers good night >Goes to his room >Pours a cup of whiskey and cries while drinking it until he passes out fork Yeah.. That would’ve been one helluva first date, though. O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:11:57 No.448650371 – >>448651319 O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:19:40 No.448651319 >>448651502 >>448649679 >Meanwhile, on the other side of the country >>448650371 >Drunk Leon crashes the family reunion demanding Claire to put on the red dress and wear the wig >Leon is alone in a bar at 3AM >Sipping from his glass of vodka. He’s been feeling slavic as of recently >Ada just abandoned him halfway through a romantic encounter >The bartender asks him when is he gonna stop >"When this is all over. When i can settle down." >"So you wanna have a family?" >"You know, i think i felt like i had a family once." >A brief memory of Claire and Sherry smiling at him crosses his mind >Leon puts down his cup >Looks up at the ceiling >Lets out a scream at the top of his lungs >"AAAAAAAAAAADDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:21:18 No.448651502 >>448651934 >>448652025 >>448651319 >he keeps calling her ada O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:25:12 No.448651934 >>448651502 >Slav bartender follows Leon and wants him to marry his daughter, as compensation for suplexing the entire bar along with a bunch of slav gangsters O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16.26:03 No.448652025 >>448652302 >>448652312 >>448652334 >>448651502 >Her family watch in horror as Leon take her to the room and keep screaming "SQUINT YOU EYES MORE" >But somehow deep down they know this might be the best Claire can get Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:28:18 No.448652302 >>448653159 >>448652025 >meanwhile Chris keeps coming up with wilder stories to explain and downplay the whole affair to his family >"N-nah, Ada is just. a nickname for Claire" O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:28:23 No.448652312 >>448652025 >Stop muttering and stuttering, say it with confidence and in a more sly, sexual tone! O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:28:32 No.448652334 >>448652025 >OH LEON DON’T STOP >WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY? >-H SAID REON >THAT’S FUCKING BETTER O Anonymous 01/28/19(Mon)16:36:21 No.448653159 >>448653436 >>448652302 >Just as Chris explain this Leon scream "CALL ME GAIJIN RICE CHASER YOU CHINK WHORE" Leon!? R.P.D. Yeah, you have no idea Leon! Chris Redfield Claire Redfield Text” class=” kym-image image-auto-link” id=”photo_1862994″ title=”Redfield Family Reunion”></a> </center>Over the following week, parodies of Chris desperately wanting Leon to impregnate Claire quickly began to spread on 4chan and to other sites. For example, on February 7th, a 4chan screenshot from February 2nd about about Sheva attempting and failing to sleep with Chris appeared on <a href=/r/TwoBestFriendsPlay, gaining over 1,800 points (shown below, left). On February 8th, Reddit user the_wacky_magic posted a joke about Chris leaving a ring for Leon to propose with, gaining over 1,900 points (shown below, right).

Anonymous 02/02/19(Sat)04:37:17 No.44925707644925742722449259716 22449265131 22449271859 File: Sheva Alomar gif (2.96 MB, 540x330) Say Chris. I may be able to help you continue the Redfield line, and Leon isn't a requirement- Anonymous 02/02/19(Sat)04:42:16 No 449257427 2244925761322449259716쯔44926324S2244926513122449271859 File: 2bazcg0vxmry.jng (23 KB, 540x313) 449257076 Oh thank god. Let me know when you're done fucking my sister Face Text Leon. This is Chris I have an urgent mission for you. Do not contact Ada. I have broken her cellphone and destroyed her car with a boulder. Head to the Jewelry shop across from Kendo past the RPD parking garage. The door may be barricaded, so use the side door panel for access. The code is 7016 EXIT Search behind the back counter for a large diamond ring. This will allow you to propose to my sister Claire. candle-lit dinner is prepared for you two. It is crucial you wait until your escape before proceeding A Make me an uncle. The Redfield bloodline must survive If you come back empty handed, I will build a mountain on top of your corpse Text
On February 8th, a video was uploaded to Youtube by user Chris Redfield titled “LEON!”, featuring Chris’ plan to have Leon impregnate Claire in the form of a song (shown below). Over the following 1.5 years, the video gathered over 620,000 views and 24,000 likes.

The spread of the jokes also caught the attention of Plague of Gripes, creator of the original No Way Fag meme, who shared another piece of fanart on February 8th on Twitter featuring Chris trying to seduce Leon with Claire (shown below, left) and gathered over 1,600 retweets and 6,700 likes. Another well-known parody was shared on Twitter by user @Storm_Jacket on February 9th, featuring Chris screaming at Leon and claiming she owns a cat called “Albert Whiskers”, a wordplay using known Resident Evil antagonist Albert Wesker; which managed to gather over 2,100 retweets and 5,500 likes (shown below, right).

Just a drop,Leon ling your cum bolas! Cant you detect THAT scent? Ensnare our future! 1% beginning again! IMAGINE Nunh Line art People White Text Facial expression Cartoon Head Arm Drawing Friendship Human Organ Sketch Illustration Font Interaction Line Hand Design LEON PLEASE MY SISTERS OVARIES ARE DRYING UP SHE OWNS AT LEAST 3 CATS ONE OF THEM IS NAMED "ALBERT WISKERS" PLEASE LEON YOU NEED TO FUCK MY SISTER, CONTINUE THE REDFIELD BLOODLINE Text
Twitter artist @dangerousbride, known for her comics featuring Leon with Resident Evil antihero Ada Wong, has also featured the meme in various comics with the earliest dating back to February 15th and gathering over 1,800 likes and 6,400 retweets (shown below, left). On May 12th, Youtuber Detective Masterclass uploaded a video featuring a voice-over from a scene from Resident Evil 8 where Chris and Rebecca Chambers managed to track down Leon (shown below, right) and managed to gather over 650,000 views and 43,000 likes. The video was inspired by a similar video by Youtuber Spazbo4 using default voices from February 5th.


Various Examples

CONFOUND YOU LEON YOU RICE CHASING HARLOT RELEASE ME FROM THIS CAGE AND FUCK MY SISTER THIS INSTANT Chris Redfield Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield Text Photo caption Human Detective CatFam @th3catfam · 1h LEON, I CAUGHT CLAIRE DRESSING UP HER CATS IN YOU AND HER OUTFITS, TRYING TO MATE THEM. PLEASE CURE HER MENTAL ILLNESS WITH THE POWER OF YOUR SEED! Chris Redfield Claire Redfield Face Text Facial expression Head Nose Forehead Human Jimothy @JumblyJim LEON FAILED ME ETHAN. YOU MUST CONTINUE THE BLOODLINE NOW. SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR WIFE. 5:06 PM · Jun 11, 2020 · Twitter Web App Text Doctor... Our bloodline is dying, and you're hope. Please. You MUST impregnate only our my sister. Arknights Cartoon Text Line art Line Fictional character Fiction Fun CRASH! LEON! STOP FOOLING AROUND WITH THAT HUSSIE AND IMPREGNATE MY SISTER ALREADY-! SUP NERD WHAATIRI WHY WOULD I AGREE TO THAT?!? Leon S. Kennedy Ada Wong Cartoon Comics Fiction

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