Chrissy Teigen Inadvertently Recreates “Disaster Girl” Meme With Son Miles

As everyone knows, all children are harbingers of chaos with a penchant for villainy, the extent of which is unknown until disaster strikes. Model and meme legend Chrissy Teigen discovered this recently when she snapped a picture of her son Miles and noticed a disturbing parallel.

Yes, her son has been possessed by the spirit of Disaster Girl, a classic meme dating back to 2004. It makes perfect sense that the spirit of Disaster Girl reincarnates once a generation to wreak havoc, like a cryptid mixed with Damien from The Omen. Needless to say, her revelation sparked strong reactions from celebrities and fans alike.

The tweet prompted a response from the Disaster Girl herself, Zoe Roth, who simply said :ove to see it.

With the torch of chaos passed to Miles Legend, it will be interesting to see if other celebrity children such as Blue Ivy and North West team up to form a sort of Baby Justice League to combat this burgeoning super villain.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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