Conservationist Wins Photoshopper’s Hearts After Photobombing Wildcat Photographer

Always be ready for a photoshoot. You never know when you may stumble upon a camera in the wild and need to take glamor shots.

Such was the case with Ben Sizemore, a conservationist in Washington State who stumbled upon wildlife photographer Jeff Wirth’s camera while clearing a local forest of Japanese knotweed. Wirth’s camera had been set up for months in the hopes of snapping pictures of a local bobcat when Sizemore stumbled upon it and had a little fun.

The pictures were a quick internet hit, reaching the top of Reddit and inspiring some photoshops. One popular shop went for the obvious joke to make when seeing two pictures of a human and an animal: an Animorphs cover parody.

The images brought the pair together, and now the two are Facebook friends. Speaking to the Daily Dot, Wirth said that when he saw the photos, “I smiled ear to ear and laughed like I’ve never laughed before.” He added that he hopes the photos show “not all hero’s wear capes, and sometimes they show up to help highlight important conservation work.”
Source – Know Your Meme News

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