Critics Love Michelle Obama’s New Podcast, But Not Everyone’s Thrilled

Michelle Obama has, like many of us in quarantine, a lot of time to explore new mediums. One of those happens to be podcasting. Earlier this week, Michelle Obama launched a podcast on Spotify, and the first guest was her husband Barack.

The podcast has drawn fawning reviews from critics, with Forbes going so far as to mark several ten-second clips that writer Joshua Dudley called the “best.” Good Housekeeping wrote, “(Michelle) Obama always has the right words to say to make us feel powerful and informed.”

While discussing with Barack the attitudes of young people in the country, Michelle talked about how young people question if participating in government is worth it. Barack noted that the current generation is exposed to a government that doesn’t work every day, and Michelle rejoined that young people know more about the cereal they’re eating than what the government does. Progressives, in particular, were nonplussed at the prospect of listening to the Obamas talk about the failures of government when they held the highest positions in America for eight years.

“This podcast is one of the smuggest things I’ve ever heard,” wrote Twitter user @BernieWatchdog.

Others were far more excited about the Obamas podcast, particularly those who continue to miss their presence in the White House.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, opinions on the podcast episode seem to have aligned along the same battle lines left-wing Americans have drawn about the Obamas for years. While future guests on the podcast probably won’t be as big a “get” as Barack, the debut episode of the podcast is certainly enough to get eyes on Michelle–which some listeners find noteworthy, as Joe Biden has not picked his VP nominee yet.

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