David Lynch Keeps Internet Sane With Daily Weather Reports


David Lynch Weather Reports refers to a series of web videos hosted by American David Lynch in which, from his studio, he looks out the window and reports on the weather in Los Angeles, California. The videos began in the mid-2000s on his website, DavidLynch.com. In 2020, the videos returned amid the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. Most of these reports end with the director saying that he expects “blue skies and golden sunshine.”


Lynch began posting these weather reports in the mid-2000s, with the post on May 21st, 2005 being the earliest archived by the Internet Archive. However, on July 1st, 2016, Twitter user @eric_x13 published a video featuring Lynch and actor Laura Dern from February 1st, 2005 (shown below).

Though Lynch has since removed many of these videos from his site, some lingered online. On June 19th, 2006, YouTuber DarkPallette shared the June 16th, 2006 weather report, which received more than 40,000 views in less than 15 years (shown below, left). Two years later, on April 1st, 2008, YouTuber Bill Wolford shared a report in which Lynch does not speak, but rather holds a balloon with a smiley face on it in front of his face. The post received more than 80,000 views in less than 13 years (shown below, right).

2020 Revival

On May 11th, 2020, Lynch revived the videos on his YouTube channel David Lynch Theatre. The first post in the series received more than 300,000 views in less than three months (shown below).

Black Lives Matter Videos

On June 2nd, 2020, days after the George Floyd Protests began, Lynch posted a video of an empty chair rather than a weather report (shown below, left). The post received more than 82,000 views in less than two months. The following day, Lynch posted a weather report in front of a sign that reads “Black Lives Matter Peace Justice No Fear.” The post received more than 128,000 views in less than two months (shown below, right).

Days later, on June 5th, Twitter user @ericallenhatch tweeted a screenshot of the video and wrote, “the ultimate sign we have fucked up as a society: David Lynch having to make an explicit political statement.” The tweet received more than 28,000 likes and 5,100 retweets in less than two months (shown below).

David Lynch Text” class=” kym-image image-auto-link” id=”photo_1878813″ title=”the ultimate sign we have fucked up as a society: David Lynch having to make an explicit political statement”>

Media Coverage

Several media outlets have covered the reports, including The Daily Beast, Brooklyn Vegan. IndieWire, Consequence of Sound, Thrillist and more.

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