Dr Disrespect And The Mysterious Ban: Breaking Down The Conspiracy Theories

At the end of June, Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch. What followed immediately after was a chaotic storm of conspiracy theories, memes and curiosity as to what would happen next for one of the industry’s biggest names.

The week that Doc got banned, there were also several other Twitch streamers banned for various reasons, mostly related to the #MeToo movement that’s been sweeping the world of esports lately. Because of this, in the very thread announcing that he was banned, people were quick to make the first major theory that the Doc was getting #MeToo’d in relation to his cheating scandal from three years ago.

Rod Breslau @Slasher food for thought: Twitch does not issue specific reasons to streamers for permanent bans. MethodJosh was banned following a report of sexual assault and Twitch has never commented publicly or privately. Josh & Ice Poseidon were told 'Other TOS violations'. Dr Disrespect @drdisrespect Champions Club, Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision. Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time. -Dr Disrespect Text Blue Font Line Screenshot

Part of a larger theory called the “police theory,” there are numerous explanations people online have come up with to try and make sense of the mysterious ban. But where do all these come from, and what exactly do they involve? Let’s take a closer look at each of the biggest theories surrounding Doc’s Twitch ban and find out.

Dagger @DangerxDagger 27 Jun Replying to @KEEMSTAR The fact that Twitch tweeted this: twitter.com/Twitch/status/.. and the

Police Theory

The police theory essentially revolves around the idea that Doc did something bad enough to warrant Twitch staff getting the police involved. This concept also involves the bizarre nature of Doc’s last stream, which some believe abruptly ended because the police came in and picked him up. This theory seems to stem from a YouTube comment that detailed different timestamps in a video upload of his final stream. As people carefully scanned through the last stream to see if they could find anything, the police theory quickly picked up momentum and spread on social media.

* EE 59% 9:31 am youtube.com YouTube e SIGN IN DAID Tedvegn en. Hoper ne ouoe 1S okay. 20 miraites ago - e 3 Francesco Amato This is very telling of what i suspect happened. 2 min mark: wife texting cops outside. 4:25 mark: wife coming to try to get him off stream (goes with what he was saying I was gonna get off but now I don't want to

David Icke Theory

This theory was picked up by Keemstar who then helped to add an extra wrinkle to this conspiracy knot: David Icke. Keemstar’s take was that there was something peculiar about how Doc mentioned Icke before the stream ended, and he began telling his Twitter followers to scour the internet for clues in relation to Doc and Icke.

Shungite / 5G Conspiracy Theory

Also found within the original thread of his banning from Twitch were a couple of his recent rants that later became memes, showing the influence he had on those around him. The first big meme is about his use of Shungite rocks, which he discussed on stream. Shungite is part of a larger 5G conspiracy theory that alleges to the mineral’s ability to protect against various “frequencies” in the air. The second meme involved people responding with different parts of his motto, speculating that he was banned for too much violence, momentum and speed.

crunchbruh O @crunchbruh · 26 Jun Replying to @StreamerBans and @drdisrespect Talking shungite. Anyways, its a 2 billion year old like rock, stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. I bought a whole bunch of stuff, put them around the la casa. Little pyramids. Stuff like that. 118 Text Font Line

Brime / Spotify Gaming Theory

Another big conspiracy that was popularized initially but then burst was Spotify Gaming / Brime. The idea was that Doc ran into legal trouble with Twitch because he was supposedly trying to persuade Ninja and Shroud, who were recently released of their Mixer contracts, to join with him on either the new startup, Brime, or on Spotify’s new supposed game streaming service. This theory was widely passed around by Keemstar and other speculators until Rod “Slasher” Breslau came out with the following tweet.

Thread Rod Breslau @Slasher the Spotify Gaming twitter isn't real and Brime is a rando streaming startup by some kid. you people are goldfish 1:10 AM 29 Jun 20 Twitter Web App 474 Retweets and comments 9,228 Likes Rod Breslau e @Slasher 29 Jun sorry i know you people is offensive. i meant to say keemstar O 78 t7 113 6,504 Text Font Line Screenshot

Publicity Stunt Theory

The final conspiracy is that Doc set this entire thing up himself. He has a TV show with SkyBound Entertainment currently in the works and is known to be very flashy and unorthodox in various ways, so it’s been hypothesized that this is just another publicity stunt to promote his upcoming projects. The video that he posted after his July interviews, acting as a teaser, is quite similar to hype videos he’s done in the past, leading some to say it is simply Doc being his usual self.

Further adding to this theory is that people have noticed that in the detailing (below, bottom right) to one of Doc’s June updated backgrounds appears to be a warning reminding him of the 29th, with June 29th being a day for a lot of Twitch shake-ups happening.


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