“Elite” Miami Bike Cops Look More Like Reno 911 In Viral Video


Miami Police Department Bike Response Team Video is a viral video that features a group of Miami police officers attempting to skid to a stop on bicycles and dismount their vehicles. Many online mocked the video for the officers’ inability to complete the move.


On June 4th, 2020, reporter Jamie Guirola tweeted the video. They wrote, “EXCLUSIVE: “These officers are the elite of the elite”. A look at @MiamiPD’s Bike Response Team- a specialized unit deployed to handle large crowds and protests. I’m LIVE at 6 on @nbc6.” The tweet received more than 6.1 million views, 16,000 likes 9,900 comments and 3,700 retweets in less than one week (shown below).


Following the post, people began remixing and mocking the post. Twitter account @GetDisneyPrime tweeted the video with a chyron that reads “Wild Hogs 2,” referencing the Tim Allen film. The post received more than 300 likes (shown below).

Twitter user @davechnsky tweeted, “I set that police bike response video to the theme song of Reno 911.” The tweet received more than 5,000 views and 180 likes (shown below).

Twitter user @multipoodinous tweeted a screenshot of the video with the caption, “I’m elite!” The post received more than 42,000 likes and 6,300 retweets in less than two days (Shown below).

Several media outlets covered the video including, Digg, Mary Sue, AV Club and more.

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Wow, Bob Mackey! @bobservo this absolute doofus can't stick the landing on the Akira move and they don't even do a second take Jamie Guirola @jamieNBC6 · 23h EXCLUSIVE: netw3rk @netw3rk · 21h lol Jamie Guirola EXCLUSIVE:

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