“Every Time Repost This” Continues Inspire Edgy Reposts


Every Time You Repost This is a phrase used in repost memes in which users are encouraged to repost an image to inflict harm to a subject or group of people.


The earliest known version of the format appeared in a comment by FunnyJunk user killerblue on a May 11th, 2011. The image shows the character Mikan from the 2006 Japanese eroge visual novel Wanko to Kuraso with the caption “Every time you repost / She gets raped” (shown below).


The meme is a derivative of Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten, an old meme in which masturbation is said to result in God killing a kitten. An early example of the meme was posted in Barfly magazine in the year 2000 (shown below).

Stop the saughtek EVERY TIME YOU MASTURBATE, G00 KILLS A KITTEN think ebout it. Every time you masturbate... God kills a kitten Kitten cat whiskers mammal small to medium sized cats black and white cat like mammal vertebrate fauna photo caption text kitten


Over the next decade, memers reposed the Mikan image numerous times.

On June 28th, 2011, FunnyJunk user charliesheenwinn posted a screenshot of a comment chain featuring the Mikan image, received more than likes in less than 10 years (shown below, left). User hauntzor posted an edit of the Mikan version with the Okay Guy rage comic character, earming more than 30 likes in the same period (shown below, right).

# 118 - shadowfienx (06/24/2011) [-1 Every time you repost She gets raped # 145 to #118 - thatswhatshesaid (06/24/2011) Every time you repost i like where this is going. She gets raped # 134 to #118 - carnivouroustoucan (06/24/2011) Every time you repost She gets raped # 128 to #118 - charliesheenwinnin ONLINE (06/24/2011) Every time you repost She gets raped # 127 to #118 - thatguyblaze (06/24/2011) [-] Every time you repost She gets raped Cartoon Text Nose Line Every time you repost She gets raped Text Cartoon Line
On an October 11th, 2011 FunnyJunk post, user antonop commented with an image macro of Zero Suit Samus with a similar caption to killerblue, earing more than upvotes and starting a repost chain (shown below, left). On December 11th, FunnyJunk user heibel posted a screenshot of a comment chain with a trollface, receiving 332 upvotes in eight years (shown below, right).

EVERYTIMEYOU REPOST SHE GETS RAPED Poster Fictional character Comics Font #35 - dagron ONLINE (29 minutes ago) [-] Every time you repost She gets raped #38 to #35 - tearsoblood ONLINE (0 minutes ago) Every time you repost She gets raped Cartoon Anime Animation

2019 Resurgence

The format experienced a comeback in early 2019. On February 15th, 2019, a variant of the Mikan image was posted to r/Animemes (shown below).

Variants of the catchphrase using different images and targeting other groups soon began to circulate. A popular derivative is the catchphrase, “Every time this gets reposted, X dies/gets beaten to death.”

Everytime you repost,SHE RAPES YOU Cartoon Anime

Various Examples

EVERYTIME YOU REPOST THIS SHE GETS KICKED IN THE FACE Cartoon Animated cartoon Nose Photo caption Forehead Comics every time you repost this she eats mcdonalds (she has diabetes :c) Cartoon Anime Everytime you repost, THEY get kicked down the stairs in the box Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cartoon Photo caption Animation
Everytime you repost, she gets kicked down the stairs in the box Cartoon Anime Mouth depositphotos depositphoto EVERYTIME YOU REPOST SHE TRIPS OS O depositp epositphotos 5818 www.depositphotos.com Line Every time this is reposted a Fortnite player' gets beaten to death Repost reddit reddit Posted in r/MakeMeSuffer by u/HugheyBoy05 reddit 6 reddit Posted in r/darkmeme Posted in r/teenagers by u/as9280148 O reddit Posted in r/teenagers by u/RatchetXx-x reddit 6 reddit Posted in r/memes reddit Posted in r/PewdiepieSubmissions O reddit Posted in r/EmKay O reddit reddit Posted in r/MinecraftMemes Product Musical instrument

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