Facebook Cracks Down On “Boogaloo” Movement, Banning Accounts For Inciting Violence

Facebook’s crackdown on violence, misinformation and hate speech continues as the platform banned hundreds of accounts connected to the Boogaloo movement, a far-right militia group. The social media giant designated the banned groups under their Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy.

In a statement, Facebook says that they have banned more than 200 Facebook accounts and 400 additional groups for violating the company’s policy against inciting violence on the platform. Over the past year, authorities arrested and charged members of the Boogaloo movement for attempting to incite violence at protests and, in one instance, for allegedly killing a federal officer.

“Today we are designating a violent US-based anti-government network as a dangerous organization and banning it from our platform,” the announcements states. “This network uses the term boogaloo but is distinct from the broader and loosely-affiliated boogaloo movement because it actively seeks to commit violence.”

“For months, we have removed boogaloo content when there is a clear connection to violence or a credible threat to public safety, and today’s designation will mean we remove more content going forward, including Facebook Groups and Pages. This is the latest step in our commitment to ban people who proclaim a violent mission from using our platform.”

The announcement continues to state that the ban includes “praising, supporting or representing” the Boogaloo movement. These groups, according to Facebook, promote “violence against civilians, law enforcement and government officials and institutions.”

Facebook says that they have since removed 220 Facebook account, 95 Instagram accounts, 28 pages and 106 groups, as well as “over 400 additional groups and over 100 other Pages for violating our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy.”

The Boogaloo movement, a far-right libertarian militia, grew significantly over the last year, appearing at protests against coronavirus lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police have arrested numerous members of the group over the last few months for inciting and committing violence at protests. Last month, police arrested Steven Carrillo, a self-identifying member of the movement, for the alleged killing of a federal officer at a demonstration in Oakland, California. Last month, authorities arrested three Boogaloo members for attempting to incite violence at protests, according to Mashable.

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