Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer, Self-Proclaimed “Proud Islamophobe,” Wins Congressional Primary

It’s been a whirlwind few years for Laura Loomer. The far-right activist chained herself to Twitter, while Lyft and Uber banned her from their services, as did Periscope, TeeSpring, Medium, Instagram and more, for violating hate speech policies. One place she’s not banned, though, is Florida’s 21st district, where she won a Republican congressional primary last night.

Loomer, who to according to Gizmodo, called “Muslims’ savages,’ has said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to hold office, and previously called Islam a ‘cancer,'” has been banned from platforms around the internet. In the last few years, the self-described proud Islamophobe lost the right to use PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Twitter, Facebook and more.

After securing the primary win last night, numerous members of the Republican party, including the President Donald Trump congratulated Loomer. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: The district Loomer could represent is home to the President Trump’s Florida resort Mar-A-Lago.

Other right-wing leaders joined the president in celebrating her win, including Matt Gaetz, whose congratulations inspired several memes.

However, it’s unlikely that Loomer will win the seat in the deeply Democratic district. Loomer won a six-way contest, after raising “more than $1 million thanks to support from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, pardoned Trump ally Roger Stone and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz,” according to CNN.

Endorsements from the president and support from Alex Jones and Roger Stone aren’t impressing people online. As her name trended online, many reminded her followers of the bigotted statements she’s made in the past.

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