Finngolia: The Internet’s Favorite Finnish/Mongolian Fictional Alliance


“Finngolia” also known as “West Mongolia” is a fictional country and a (mostly ironic) ethnic identity which is populated by natives known as “Finngolians.” Iterations tend to portray Finnish people as modern or ancient Mongolians.


While there are archived references to Finngolians that go as back as 2010, the actual origins of the meme are unknown. Although it is generally accepted that the meme was born on 4chan and its Finnish derivate Kuvalauta as a reference to Finnish people having a more Asiatic/Steppe phenotype compared to other Nordic countries. Because of this, Finngolians are often represented by overly exaggerated and stereotypical Asiatic characteristics, such as bright yellow skin, buckteeth, rice hats, round faces, and sharp eyes, while saying Finnish words such as “Perkele”, “Mämmi” “Sauna” and “Suomi”.

le sceptical finnish man White Line art Face Facial expression Nose Head Costume hat Hat Cartoon Facial hair Line Organ Headgear suomi Face Yellow Facial expression Head Clip art Cartoon Line Nose Illustration Forehead Human
In 2015, Reddit user pavulus on the meme-dedicated subreddit r/fingols traced the origin of the meme back to scientific racism in Nazi Germany (shown below).

r/fingols pavulus · 3y ... DerEinsieder 3y Thar's not a meme, Finns are western How Finns are Mongols meme started Mongols and we already know that here. 40 Reply 300 years ago, a German scientist named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach studied Finnish skulls. pavulus 3y That is not true. To survive the extreme Finnish winters, Finns evolved higher cheekbones and relatively flatter faces than other Europeans. Finns are Europeans, with sizeable Mongolian genes. They are by most people's definition White. Germans, on the other hand, have much less prominent cheekbones than Europeans. Finns are Mongols only to Nazis and Germans. Reply Blumenbach concluded that Finns are not white but mongols from central asia, just simply because Finns have high cheekbones. DerEinsieder 3y Hmm no sweety, Finns are Mongolians as the same way that my people from the Portuguese Caliphate are Arabs.Also the last know pure white people in Europe are living in a bunker below Dresden that the Führer himself ordered to be built.Please don't bring your


The memes continued on 4chan throughout the 2010s. Some Finnish posters embraced this new Internet identity and built lore around it, making dozens of memes that reached Reddit, YouTube and FunnyJunk over the years. The memes often feature other countries such as Estonia, Hungary and Bulgaria as Finngolian brethren and allies, as well as other Finnish memes like Spurdo Spärde.

Mongol Empire Cartoon Animated cartoon

History, Culture and Lore

Finngolian culture is heavily based around ethnic-nationalism, which shows fraternity and kinship towards Mongolians and Japanese, whilst antagonizing Swedish, Fenno-Swedes, and Koreans. It values humor, pride, strength, and connection to Genghis Khan himself.

• 000 Genghis Khan Mongol Empire Clip art
While not having definite and written lore, the history of Finngolia is coherent in the (fictional) ancient Finno-Korean Hyperwar in which the Proto-Finnic Holy Roman Khaganate, supported by the lost country of Lemuria fought against the Korean Hwan Empire (shown below).
On December 12th, 2016, YouTuber insurgentdude uploaded the video “Fingolia Rising” the video gained over 8,8000 views and 13,000 likes (shown below, left). On March 4th, 2017, the National Anthem of Finland (Finngolia) was uploaded to YouTube, gaining over 41,000 views and 715 likes.

On January 19th, 2019, the video “Marching Perkele – [For Honor]” was uploaded by ButterRaider, gaining over 19,000 views and 830 likes.

Various Examples

gettyimages Brooks Kraft 525589348 Event SUON Beanie Cap Blue Headgear Electric blue LIVE breakyouro BREAKING NEWS FINNGOLIAN HORDE TAKES STOCKHO 21:12 KHAN PEKKA PROMISES "RIVERS OF BLOOD IN EUROPE" UNLESS TRIBUTE PAID Genghis Khan People Movie Facial hair Photo caption FIN 3 NOR 1 15:38 3RD FlI Fan Product Genghis Khan Mongol Empire People Rebellion MONGOLS Suomi- Finland 50 MONGOLS EVERYWHERE, Cartoon Signage Sign

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