Fourth And Final Neon Genesis Evangelion Film Coming To Japan June 2020

The hotly-anticipated fourth and final film in the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, will be hitting Japanese theaters this upcoming June.

The first poster for the film released in 2012, and the first teaser for the film dropped over a year ago, way back in the halcyon days of July 2018. Delays may have been caused by director and series creator Hideki Anno working on Shin Godzilla and suffering creative burnout.

Since the 20-second clip aired, details about the upcoming film have been scant. A year later, the second teaser dropped and ten minutes of the film was shown at Japan Expo 2019 in Paris, but there was still little concrete information about the project.

Finally, posters and teasers have been distributed to theaters across Japan revealing a June 2020 release window. It will be directed by Hideaki Anno, the creator of the original series which ran from 1995-1996.

The film comes at the apex of Evangelion post-release hype, as the series’ recent move to Netflix has opened the series to a new legion of fans, even if the move came with some changes not everyone is happy with.

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