Fox Is Attempting To Trademark “OK Boomer”

As part of their seemingly endless crusade to kill the OK Boomer meme, Boomers, specifically those at Fox, have attempted to trademark the phrase with the intention of developing a television show called “OK Boomer.”

Fox filed the trademark on November 11th, and the story began spreading after lawyer Josh Gerben tweeted about it. The trademark covers “an ongoing television series featuring reality competition, comedy and game shows.”

Gerben said to CNN that he found it unlikely the trademark would be granted, as “OK Boomer” is “a widely used message.” “This is because such a ‘viral’ phrase is incapable of identifying the source of a product or service,” he said, “which is what trademarks must do to be capable of registration.”

Fox is one of a few who have attempted to literally cash in on the “OK Boomer.” Producer William Gundfist has also attempted to trademark the phrase for a television show about generational differences. New York man Kevin Yen attempted to trademark the name for a clothing brand.

One wonders what OK Boomer: The Show would have looked like in the hands of Fox. Judging by the breadth of their application, one imagines a Big Brother-style house where teens and boomers would compete in various, Survivor Series-esque challenges, which might actually be pretty entertaining. For now, it doesn’t look like OK Boomer is happening anytime soon.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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