Grimes Begs Elon Musk To Stop Posting

Mothers used to beg the fathers of their children to not go to war. Now they beg them to log off.

Such was the scene late Friday night when future-pop artist and X Æ A-12 mother Grimes publicly asked her partner Elon Musk to “turn off your phone and give me a ‘dall’ (sic).”

Musk, whose chaotic Twitter presence is notoriously the bane of his investors, tweeted “pronouns suck.” Many interpreted the tweet as expressing a distaste for clarifying one’s personal pronouns, a practice common among trans people, gender non-conforming people and their allies.

Grimes, no stranger to playing with names and gender, asked Musk to log off and call her, saying “I know this isn’t in your heart.” The tweet was deleted but not before it was screenshot and widely shared. At one point, Big Tech Alert tweeted that Musk had stopped following Grimes on Twitter, but that is no longer the case.

While the coupling status of Musk and Grimes remains unclear, the brief, public squabble between the two nonetheless lead to schadenfreude for Twitter users who find the pair insufferable.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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