Groundskeeper Willie’s “Damned Scots” Rant Has Become An Exploitable Template


Damned Scots, They Ruined Scotland is an exploitable template taken from The Simpsons in which Groundskeeper Willie is talking about people with whom the Scottish took issue with, including Scottish. After Principal Skinner points out the Scottish are contentious, Willie says “You’ve just made an enemy for life!” The template has been altered to comment upon toxic or combative communities online, fandoms or organizations.


The quote comes from episode 12, season 15 of The Simpsons, broadcast on February 15th, 2004. Groundskeeper Willie, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, is commenting on Bart and Lisa’s rivalry and comparing it to the Scots and their rivalries.

The first screenshot of the scene was uploaded to Imgur on May 30th, 2013, gaining over 10,605 views since then.


The first use of the phrase as a meme was posted to r/anarcho_capitalism on January 30th, 2014. It has gotten 37 points since then.

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies Like marxists and anarchists Or nationalists and anarchists Or liberals and anarchists Or anarchists and other anarchists Damn anarchists, they ruined Anarchism Cartoon Comics Fiction
From there it has been used to comment upon PC gamers, Muslims, Americans, Steven Universe Fans, Anti-Vaxxers and Redditors (examples shown below).

Brothers and sisters Like Steven Universe fans are natural enemies. and Uncle Grandpa fans. Or Steven Universe fans Or Steven Universe fans and My Little Pony fans. and Gravity Falls fans. Or Steven Universe fans and Damn Steven Universe fans! Other Steven Universe fans They ruined Steven Universe! Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Comics Fiction Brothers and sister are natural enemies. ox Like PC gamérsŞ and FOX Xboxgamers. Or PC gamers and FOX Play Station gamers. Or PC gamers and Nintendo gamers. FOX Or PC gamers and FOX Lother PC gamers. Damn PCgamers! They ruined PC gaming! OX MemeCenter Cartoon Comics Fiction ME: Reddit and 9gag are GF : why does reddit hate bananas? natural enemies PRINGFIELD HEPRINGFIELD Like reddit and instagram Or reddit and facebook SPRINGFIELD SPRINGFIELD Or redditors and other redditors o Damn redditors! They ruined reddit FYSPRINGTILED TYSPRINGILLD You redditors are a contentious people. You Just made an enemy for life! Comics Cartoon Fiction

Various Examples

Sunnis and Shias are natural enemies Like Jews and Muslims Or christians and Muslims Or Hindus and Muslims Damn Muslims. They ve ruined Islam! Or Muslims and other Muslims You Muslims-sure are a contentious people You just made an enemy for life! Cartoon Fiction Comics CHRISTIANS AND HERETICS ARE NATURAL ENEMIES! JUST LIKE CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS OR CHRISTIANS OR CHRISTIANS AND JEWS AND PAGANS OR CHRISTIANS AND OTHER CHRISTIANS DAMN CHRISTIANS! THEY RUINED CHRISTIANITY! Cartoon Comics EYSPRINGFIELD YSPRINGFIELD DJT AND HRÇ ARE NATURAL ENEMIES. LIKE CUBANS AND AMERICANS PRINGFICLD OR ATHEISTS AND AMERICANS. FO OR LBGTS AND AMERICANS, SPRINGFICLD SPRINGFICLD AMERICANS AND OTHER AMERICANSI DAMN AMERICANSII THEY RUINED AMERICAI FYSPRINGFIELD TYSPRINGFILLD YOU AMERICANS SURE ARE A CONTENTIOUS PEOPLE You Just made an enemy for life! Comics Cartoon Fiction Fascists and Communists are natural enemies,like Tankies and Trots Or left comms and Trots Or Trots and other Trots, damn Trots, they ruined Trotskyism Or anarchistsland Trots You Trots sure are a sectarian bunch You've just split the party Cartoon Comics BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARe LIKE LEFTISTS AND FASCISTS NATURAL ENemies FOX OR LEFTISTS AND ANCAPS OR LEFTISTS AD LIBERALS DAMA LEFTISTS! OR LEFTISTS AND LEFTISTS FOX THe y RUINED LEFTISM Cartoon

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