“Hope She Sees This” Is The Go-to Phrase For Making Fun Of White Knights


Hope She Sees This is a phrase popularly used online to mock men who seem to be posting adulating comments, white knighting or simping towards women.


The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but the earliest known confirmed examples of this phrase being used with its popular meaning come from 2018. The earliest known usage on Twitter is from May 5th, 2018 by Twitter users @muneytarz and @rRixXxAa (shown below)


The phrase saw use on social media over the following years as people mocked posts which seemed to be white knighting or simping towards women, possibly with ulterior motives. On June 7th, 2018, Twitter user @lilsasquatch69 tweeted it in response to a tweet by David Hogg, gaining over 600 retweets and 4,500 likes (shown below, left). On December 22nd, 2019, user @lib_crusher tweeted it about a tweet from Michael Tracey (shown below, right). On May 5th, 2020, Urban Dictionary user BigDaddyDefinitions added a definition for the phrase.

Lil Sasquatch Follow @lilsasquatch66 Hope she sees this bro Black Lives Matter @davidhogg111 Women's rights are human rights Women's rights are human rights Women's rights are human rights Women's rights are human rights... 4:25 PM - 7 Jun 2018 618 Retweets 4,589 Likes Aunty 1 17 618 4.6K Text Product Line Screenshot Font Hello VOID, @lib_crusher I know
The phrase also saw use on Reddit. For example, on May 20th, 2019, Redditor Fbreezy35 posted the phrase to /r/whiteknighting, gaining over 1,900 points (shown below, left). On January 27th, 2020, user mmseger posted the phrase to /r/soyboys.

Posted by u/Fbreezy35 1 year ago 1.9k Hope she sees this bro yo women actually go to work and school with cramps and shit. They can be in a lot of pain but still act normal throughout the whole day. Super heroes.. 6:12 PM · 5/19/19 · Twitter for iPhone  data-src=

Various Examples

David Hogg O @davidhogg111 · 1d Fuck the patriarchy. 5,789 27 2,108 15.6K dean @dean_schar Replying to @davidhogg111 Hope she sees this bro 10:45 p.m. 04 May 19 · Twitter for iPhone 3 Retweets 50 Likes ifunny.co Text Font Line Jonah Goldberg @JonahDispatch I hope she sees this bro. 8:57 PM Search ll? 1 33% Conversation Sebastian Gorka DrG @SebGorka .@JonahDispatch is a hideous, disgusting human being who is respected by NO ONE! My thoughts on this scum's comments towards the great @kayleighmcenany... Full Segment Here: youtu.be/ fd3tPsKulog 7:59 PM - May 26, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 95 Retweets 2K Likes Text Font Technology Screenshot Electronic device hope she sees this please take me back Madison Tswear Pl stop watching overwatch porn Darth Maul Darth Vader Obi-Wan Kenobi Anthony @OMGItsBirdman I hope she sees this tweet bro DeMar DeRozan @DeMar_DeRozan · Sep 2, 2018 These ladies definitely should be getting paid in the @WNBA. 8:25 PM · Sep 2, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone 173 Retweets 1.8K Likes Text Font Screenshot shook shan @shook_shan i hope she sees this dude Ryan @ryanmatthewfs · Dec 3, 2018 If you get mad at your girl for having a life outside your relationship, spending time with her friends, posting selfies, wearing certain clothes, any of that petty shit.you a bitch boi 6:02 PM · Dec 4, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone 7 Likes 27  data-src=

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