Incredibly Stupid/Funny “Crazy Hamburger” Video Begins Spreading On YouTube


Crazy Hamburger refers to a scene from YouTuber FatTV’s video “Joker Kitchen – Giant Hamburger.” Towards the end of the video, the channel host, dressed as The Joker, repeatedly says “Crazy Hamburger” while walking with a hamburger oozing green smoke. The scene has been taken out of context and parodied on YouTube.


On December 22nd, 2019, YouTuber FatTV posted “Joker Kitchen – Giant Hamburger.” In the video, the channel’s host makes a burger while dressed and acting like The Joker from Batman. Towards the end of the video, he walks away from the camera while repeating the words, “Crazy hamburger” (shown below).


The isolated “crazy hamburger” part of the video first began spreading on Discord months after it first aired. On August 10th, 2020, YouTuber BoogaBooga posted a clip from a Discord server called “suki’s epic loaf server” in which a user named TheMemeMind shares the clip (shown below, left). Shortly after, clips of the “crazy hamburger” scene began appearing on YouTube (example shown below, right).

Some parodies were made of the clip. User Petra Kasavyin posted a Source Filmmaker parody of the clip on August 18th, gaining over 6,000 views in a week (shown below, left). On August 22nd, YouTuber sycipsgd posted an Omelette du Fromage parody of the scene, gaining over 2,000 views in four days (shown below, right).

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