Last Of Us Part II Release Means Another Batch Of Game-related Templates Dominate Memes Of The Week

The Last Of Us Part II is finally, and perhaps mercifully, available to play. The fraught months leading up to release brought an avalanche of meme templates, including Abby Choke Edits, Abby Buttsex Edits, and Lev Punch Edits. It’s been heavily review-bombed on Metacritic for a variety of reasons, whether that be the infamous crunch that Naughty Dog staff endured completing the game or the supposed politicization of the game’s characters.

Now that the game is finally here, it’s only natural that the game that dominated June’s meme scene would get a new batch of templates after release. This week’s big memes were review comparisons which showed other notoriously bad games having higher user scores than Last Of Us Part II, and They Shrank His Shoulders, a copypasta mocking a complaint about Joel’s redesign.

In other, non-TLoU2 memes, memers joked about Me vs. Animated Me and the surprising rise of Manny from Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a symbol of the George Floyd protests.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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