“Miss Hitler” Pageant Contestant Jailed For Part In Neo-Nazi Terror Group

Those who had “Miss Hitler Pageant Contestant Jailed For Part In Neo-Nazi Terror Group” (or even the existence of a “Miss Hitler” pageant) on their 2020 Bingo Cards, come get your prize.

Alice Cutter, who entered the competition under the name “The Buchenwald Princess”–a reference to a Nazi death camp–was one of four 20-somethings sentenced in England for being a part of National Action, a far-right, neo-Nazi group. Cutter, her former partner Mark Jones, Garry Jack and Connor Scothern were all sentenced to several years in prison. Being a part of the group is a criminal offense in the UK.

The Mirror published a report of the sentencing that included the various anti-semitic, racist, and nationalistic deeds the quartet had engaged in, but online, people mostly only seemed to care about the “Miss Hitler” headline, taking a resigned, bemused attitude at the endless torrent of ridiculous and bad news that has trended throughout the year.

Others expressed the places their minds wandered when they read the phrase “Miss Hitler” trending on Twitter.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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