Now That The World Is Cake, Here Are Some Memes About It

2020 has brought a ton of brutal news stories with it, from the coronavirus pandemic, to the surge in police brutality during the George Floyd Protests, to the brief appearance of Murder Hornets. As July 2020 approached, the world braced. What fresh hell would a new month bring us? The answer: everything is cake.

On July 8th, Buzzfeed’s Tasty posted a video simply titled “These are all cakes.” It’s a compilation of realistic-looking cake sculptures. These types of video are commonplace viral media bits, but for some reason, perhaps quarantine-related boredom, this one took off.

What’s resulted was a veritable apocalypse of memes about people not knowing what was real and what was cake. It’s a period of tremendous mistrust and panic, like The Thing but instead of anything being an alien in disguise, it could be cake. Here are some of the best memes from this strange new reality we live in.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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