Oh God, This Fish With Human Lips Might Be Real

Yesterday, a picture of a fish with luscious, human-like lips and very human-like teeth went viral on Twitter. People wanted to have sex with it. And they just might be able to do so.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when a Twitter user posted a picture of a fish that looks straight out of Dreamworks’ Shark Tale, complete with luscious lips and human-like chompers. The photo picked up steam when The Mirror and the New York Post posted articles about the mysterious fish, and Twitter got horny for the fish.

There have been conflicting reports about whether the fish is real or if Twitter is getting horny for a doctored photo. It appears to be a triggerfish, which indeed has visible lips. However, the triggerfish’s teeth usually look more like a rabbit’s, with two sharp fangs protruding from the top and bottom jaw.

This has led other publications to argue the picture is doctored. Cnet spoke to David Booth, a marine ecologist, who said “(The triggerfish’s) teeth are large but not human-like, so yes the pictures do look fake!”

While triggerfish are not known for their human-like teeth, other species of fish are known for them. For example, feast your eyes on the monstrous sheepshead fish:

So is the viral fish a bizarre mutation of the triggerfish or photoshopped? The jury is still out, but those who want their own The Shape of Water experience, the right fish might be out there for you.
Source – Know Your Meme News

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