On The Japanese Internet, August Means “Bunny Day” Is Coming

Editor’s note: This article is for an annual event held on the internet, neither for International Rabbit Day nor an in-game event with the same name in Animal Crossing series.


Bunny Day (Japanese: バニーの日, Banī no Hi) is an annual online holiday celebrated on the Japanese web, where people praise the allure of bunny suits by posting illustrations and cosplay photos. It takes place on August 2nd, August 21st, and occasionally August 23rd.


According to Pixiv Encyclopedia, user Marison announced the first Bunny Day in August 2008. On August 19th, 2008, Marison posted an illustration promoting the holiday, proclaiming August 21st and 23rd as “Bunny Day” and “Bunny-san’s Day” in each and called on other users to post bunny girl illustrations for celebration.


As a result, this online festival succeeded to earn dozens of participants, becoming an annual event the following year. This Pixiv‘s Bunny Fes also helped the holiday to draw attention from amateur artists inside and outside of the illustrator’s community such as Nico Nico Seiga.

Around 2014, the celebration gradually became to take place on Twitter under the hashtag “#バニーの日” (#BunnyDay). This led to an increase in the number of cosplayers participation. The first submission about the holiday to a Japanese tweet curating service Togetter was in August of that year.

On August 2nd, 2016, the website Dwango published a report on Bunny Day, writing that numerous gravure idols, or glamor models, participated in Bunny Day festivities and cosplay, particularly on Twitter (examples below). Since then, August 2nd has been the highlight of Bunny Day, and this annual celebration event has been featured on online news sites.

CEALER Fumina Suzuki Ear Aya Kawasaki Clothing Leg Gravure idol Thigh Knee Stocking Waist Japanese idol Human leg Hime cut Selfie Abdomen Tights Cosplay Clothing Leg Thigh Japanese idol Gravure idol Pink Costume


Much like Good Knee-high Socks Day and other Japanese unofficial holidays, Bunny Day is designated by Japanese wordplay which reads the numbers of the dates as “Ba(8)Nī(2)” & “Ba(8)Ni(2)I(1)” = Bunny, or “Ba(8)Nī(2)San(3)” = Bunny-san. Also, it’s simply recognized as the holiday for the costume because the English loanword “Bunny” typically means “Bunny Girl” (バニーガール) in the Japanese language as this Google‘s image search shows (Shown below).

Google パニー Sign in Q All O Images O videos O Maps Shopping : More Settings Tools SafeSearch on テレサテスタロッサ アトリエダーム 桜島麻衣 冴えカノ バニー ver 青春ブタ野郎 フルメタルパニック 燕尾服 バニースーツ フィギュア スケール pvc 済み完成 塗装済み フリーイング パニーガールの渋谷さ パニーガールコスプレの通. item.fril.jp - In stock Amazon |バニーガール燕尾 楽天市場】パニーガールコス item.rakuten.co.jp In stock パニーガール衣装の販売サイ. 大人用女装コスチュームバ コスプレ仮装コスプレバ Amazon | Anna Mu / (O51. Amazon |カジノ仕様 Amazon.co.jp : BeWith / . amazon.co.jp camp-fire.jp amazon.co.jp amazon.co.jp tokyobunnygirl.com epkodomo.com amazon.co.jp wowma.jp UNNYGIRL NEW (パニーガールブラック shop-list.com ハロウィンコスプレバニーガールセク 蒸尾服オールシーズン用 - . バニーガール衣装の販売サイ 楽天市場】バニーガールコス item.rakuten.co.jp - In stock コスプレ仮装コスプレバニ 73) セクシーバニーガール 青春ブタ野郎はバニーガール Amazon | (Yullymerry) /=-. wowma.jp bunnygirltokyo.jimdo.com · In st. tokyobunnygirl.com satofull.jp wowma.jp hareame.shop amazon.co.jp BUNNY GIRL Related searches ふんわりスカートが用愛いニー1セット イラストバニー インスタグラムバニーガール パニートイストーリー パニーガールの渋谷さん(@9. パニーガール正面から パニーガールコスチュ brightlele.jp 塗装済み完成品 1/7魔法少女 パニーガールの渋谷さ ブラックシスターバニ. Amazon |ガールズ&パ amazon.co.jp テレサ·テスタロッサ コスプレハロウィンコスチ twitter.com photolibrary.jp biccamera.com In stock twitter.com goodsmile.info goodsmile.info shop-list.com Text Fashion
Google’s Image Search Results for “バニー” (Bunny)


August 2nd is also known as the unofficial anniversary day for the underwear Pantsu Day (パンツの日 OR ぱんつの日, Pantsu no Hi). The holiday also sometimes overlaps with Boobs Day (おっぱいの日, Oppai no Hi), which some celebrate on August 1st. Hence, the “Bunny Day” posts on that day will sometimes celebrate both wordplay-designated holidays together.

Various Examples

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Princess Zelda Cartoon Anime 1 2019.8/21 @Coimasami Cartoon Anime Long hair Cg artwork Sound! Euphonium Cartoon Anime Cartoon Anime Long hair Cg artwork
Rie Tanaka Leg Clothing Thigh Beauty Fashion Fetish model Fashion model Human leg Dancer Kaname Rin Ear Japanese idol Clothing Hime cut Hairstyle Costume Cosplay Wig Gravure idol Enako Clothing Beauty Japanese idol Leg Thigh Pink Leg Beauty

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