Petition To “Save” Barron Trump Deleted By has deleted a popular petition to “save” the youngest Trump son Barron from his family after it received over 5,000 signatures.

The petition, obviously tongue-in-cheek, read, “This petition is to save Barron Trump from his family, he is obviously depressed and is 100% a leftist and we feel bad for him #savebarron2020 also I heard he likes Kpop and anime. Name one republican who likes either of those things. Anyways we can save him from his racist, homophobic, and rapist of a father sign this petition pls and thx.”

Commentary about Republicans not liking anime aside, many seemed to agree with the sympathetic sentiment towards Barron.

Much has been made about the discovery of Barron’s alleged Roblox account, where he says he is “nice and friendly” and he “doesn’t like toxic people!!” It is unclear if the account actually belongs to Barron.

Some have even made fan cams for Barron, which is about as weird as it sounds.

All of this talk will likely not lead to Barron’s emancipation from the Trump family or we likely won’t ever know if he’s even aware of it. That being said, if his alleged Roblox account is in fact real, he’s about to get a lot more friends.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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