Playboy Carti’s “Shawty In Love” Is Now A Meme Trend On TikTok


Carti, I Wanna Go To Pluto is a series of TikTok videos in which participants dub themselves speaking over an instrumental version of Playboy Carti’s 2019 song “Shawty In Love” using the TikTok megaphone feature to emulate the original song’s intro monologue.


On May 15th, 2020, TikToker @probsurdad uploaded the instrumental sound clip “cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo – probsurdad” and spoke the original monologue over it using the megaphone feature (shown below). The video garnered over 45,700 likes in three weeks.


On May 19th, 2020, TikToker @its.brynie uploaded a video using the sound clip and microphone feature but talked about being confused (shown below, left). The video gained over 1.8 million likes in three weeks. On May 25th, TikToker @alexis.meyer used the format to talk about friends coming over to use her pool (shown below, center). The video received 1.4 million likes in two weeks. On May 27th, TikToker @itsromebaby uploaded a video featuring his father participating in the trend (shown below, right). The video accumulated over 1.9 million likes in two weeks. As of June 10th, the sound has been used in over 289,200 videos on TikTok. StayHipp published an article on the trend.

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