#PokémonMasterSex And “You’re Finally Awake” Memes Kick Off September’s First Week Of Memes

Whenever the meme season seems dry, Nintendo can be counted on to give its fans something horny to do. It happened nearly two years ago today with Bowsette, and this week it happened with #Pokemonmastersex, a hashtag gone awry as the company tried to get its mobile game Pokémon Masters Ex to trend on Twitter. The understandable misreading of the hashtag led Pokémon fans to share their favorite sexy moments from the games and anime, and thus the meme of the week was born.

Elsewhere, Adele had eyes rolling on Twitter with her Carnival photo, Twitter dunked on Adam Carolla for his weird Bracelets vs. Stew tweet, and the internet celebrated a meme that made 2020 look like a simple dream with You’re Finally Awake.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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