Popcorn Duets Are Possibly The Most Challenging TikTok Challenge


Popcorn Duets refers to a series of TikTok duets featuring two singers each taking turns singing every other word or every other syllable in a set of lyrics. The social trend became popular in early August 2020 after popular music TikToker jmko_music created his own Taylor Swift song variation of the challenge inspired by TikToker stupidsri’s popcorn duet video released in late July.


On July 30th, 2020, TikToker stupidsri created the first Popcorn Duet by only singing every other syllable of “Halo” by Beyonce (shown below). The video gained over 162,300 likes in 20 days.


On July 31st, 2020, popular TikToker jmko_music posted a Britney Spears variation with the caption, “is this the new way of singing on tiktok 😂 got the idea from @stupidsri” (shown below, left). The video garnered over 937,900 likes in 19 days. The next day, TikToker jmko_music uploaded another popular variation that received over 1.7 million likes in 18 days (shown below right).

On August 5th, many other singers on TikTok started their own Popcorn Challenge videos. That day, brandondavis_music accumulated over 452,400 likes for his country version of the challenge (shown below, left). The next day, TikToker katiesgj uploaded the most popular duet with jmko_music acquiring over 8.9 million likes in 13 days (shown below, right).

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