Popular Internet Artist Sakimichan In Hot Water After Liking Anti-Black Lives Matter Tweets

Anime and fan artist Sakimichan is in hot water after liking several tweets from known right-wing provacateur Candace Owens criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement and the George Floyd protests.

The controversy started when Twitter user and artist Tajaé Keith posted about the anti-BLM tweets Sakimichan had liked, calling for her to be cancelled.

This led to a flurry of Twitter users revisiting issues they’d had with her art style, suggesting that her pin-up style had racist undertones.

Responding to the backlash, Sakimichan defended herself by saying that she doesn’t closely follow American politics, supports peaceful protests, and took umbrage with the looting that has happened as a result of the protests due to her friendship with several small business owners and artists. Her statement reads:

The world has changed so quickly, and the power and hope of the BlackLivesMatter protests have sparked hope for many people who have been marginalized and oppressed for way too long. Change is not without it’s frustration though, and as a someone with many friends who are also small business owners in cities across the world, as well as friends who are police or family with law enforcement, our hearts break for the people harmed by some of the looting and rioting that have occurred in some areas. Please understand that I do not confuse people destroying things with the many people peacefully protesting for equality and change. I also don’t really follow American politics closely, and I’m not really interested in taking sides in any political discussion. I’m pro peaceful protest that have resulted in police reform and other positive changes and I’m against the violence from both the riots, looting as well as the police violence towards peaceful protestors.”

Her statement still didn’t sit well with some, who found her stance of neutrality to be an insufficient response to the ongoing protests.

Others were more generous with their thoughts.

Yet again, the lesson to take away here is: Never tweet. And also, don’t like things on Twitter either.

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