r/meme rules have updated. Please take a look!

As part of our overall renovation of this sub, we have made significant alterations to our rules. We have reduced the overall number and combined similar rules together. We are doing this in an effort to make r/meme an easier experience for new meme posters. We hope these changes make it a better experience to post in this sub. Below is the new list of rules and updated sidebar. Also, congratulations to /u/lliH-knaH for providing our new community icon! We look forward to our continued changes and hope you do too! Any ideas or suggestions please comment on this post.


  1. All posts must be original memes.
  • No repost.

  • No videos (Gifs are allowed!)

  • No title as the meme caption.

  • No reaction memes.

  • No mentions of upvotes or awards in any form.

  • No mention of cakeday in any form unless it is your cakeday.

2. No spam/watermarks/unmarked NSFW.

  • No chainposting.

  • No porn.

3. No personal info/site-wide TOS violations

  • No uncensored personal info/usernames.

  • No breaking the Reddit TOS.

4. No memes about deaths/tragedies/politics.

5. Be friendly to your fellow users.

  • Please be nice. This is a meme sub after all and we are all here to enjoy memes.

  • Don’t be racist, offensive, or otherwise rude to other users.

Queue flooding is not allowed in this subreddit. Limit your posts to six or less per day



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