Skeletons On Their Own Wild Ride Grow Into Object Labeling Meme


Skeleton Rollercoaster High Five refers to an object labeling template in which a roller coaster cart full of skeletons speeds by a roller coaster cart of humans, attempting to reach out to them. In memes, the skeletons are usually labeled as a wild group and the humans a more responsible group who nevertheless find surprising commonality.


The artwork is an unpublished piece by comics artist Johnny Craig. It first appeared online on the blog Beat Pop on April 2nd, 2006 (shown below).


On August 29th, 2019, the earliest known object labeling edit of the painting appeared on Imgur. It was posted by user BlueLikeSnow and gained over 700 views (shown below, left). The painting began drawing a wider audience online after it was posted to the Tumblr Talesfromweirdland. On May 21st, 2020, Imgur user Cowill posted a similar variation to the first template, gaining over 1,200 views (shown below, right).

People leaving the after hours People exercising in the morning Cartoon Me and the boys leaving a party at 6AM Early morning joggers Cartoon Comics Fiction

Various Examples

SKELETONS WHO WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME ME, SURPRISED, BUT EXCITED TO BE FRIENDS WITH SKELETONS Poster Cartoon Animated cartoon Fiction FAs just getting in from a red eye FAs just starting their pairing Cartoon Text Fiction 2 people who were online in 2016 people newly online for 2020 Cartoon Fiction Fictional character Poster Comics SNOBE bhider Me and the boys cranking the brutal shit on the way to a concert Families stuck in traffic going to a fucking tea party or whatever Comics Comic book Cartoon Fiction Fictional character First year PhD students 222 6th year PhD students Poster Cartoon Boomer Dinner club Regular Olive Garden patrons Cartoon Poster

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