Soyjak Has Something To Show You On His Phone In These Memes


Soyjak Shows His Phone refers to a series of exploitable memes based on an image of an excited Soyjak showing something on the screen of his smartphone. The memes mock those who get overly excited about certain things, particularly mainstream popular culture.


The exact origin of the format, which is a development of the larger Soyjak meme, is currently unknown, but is presumed to be Facebook. The format started with a viral meme in which a Soyjak, dressed in a green I Fucking Love Science! T-shirt, shows a tweet of a scientific article posted by Joe Rogan on August 6th, 2020. On August 7th, Facebook page T. nu-male reposted the meme (shown below).


The image did not see viral spread until on August 10th, 2020, Facebook group Warhammer 40k Techno-Barbarianposting reposted it, with the post gathering over 590 reactions and nearly 100 shares in three weeks. On August 11th, Twitter meme page eternal classic reposted the meme, with more viral reposts being made on Twitter, Facebook and other sites in the following days.

On August 12th, Facebook page The Zuckerborg reposted the earliest known derivative meme based on the format, with the image on the phone being replaced with the logo of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast (shown below). An August 17th repost of the image by Facebook page The Epic Department received over 570 reactions and 90 shares.

JOE THE ENCE IFUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! ROGAN Facial hair Cartoon Beard Mobile phone accessories Mobile phone case Head Mobile phone Gadget Communication Device Electronic device Selfie Technology Portable communications device Moustache
Following the viral spread of the original image, the format gained significant popularity online, primarily in the communtiites critical of both mainstream and anti-mainstream trends on Facebook, 4chan, Twitter and other websites.

Various Examples

10:35 O 76% Tweet IGN O @IGN NASA has discovered a galaxy shaped like Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. 22:01 - 26 Aug 20 - Khoros Marketing 788 Retweets and comments 4,196 Likes IFUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! Mobile phone case Mobile phone accessories Beard Facial hair Iphone Head Product Gadget Mobile phone Electronic device Technology Smartphone Communication Device Selfie Harvard Medical School A Neural Net Hooked Up to a Monkey Brain Spat Out Bizarre Images The algorithm worked out the ideal image to show each neuron. News / Artificial Intelligence / Monkeys / Neuroscience FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE: Mobile phone case Mobile phone accessories Facial hair Cartoon Technology Electronic device Moustache Beard 1:42 Join i would be playing 24/7 gta should add karens to the game so we can beat tf out of them. &Share ENT COMMENTS Darkhe it 4Rely+ 304 Dark humour is ke a dead child. It never gets old Add a conment Text Facial expression Iphone Product Gadget Electronic device Technology Font Smartphone Cartoon Facial hair Communication Device Mobile phone Design
« Safari.l ? 9:27 AM C 69%O HOME VIDEOS PLAYLISTS COMMUNITY STOP 3 Uzaki-chan Videos in 1 Day 35K views - 4 days ago 1:56 UZAKIIS ETERNAL We were right, Twitter is enraged by IMMORTAL UZAKI-CHAN. 71K views · 4 days ago 3:55 SHE'S Girl goes on insane rant about Uzaki-chan... 159K views : 4 days ago ADULT 5:39 WEEBS DID THIS! STONETOSS IS BIG POOPOO HEAD | Cartoon Facial hair Beard Illustration Moustache Line « Safari.l 7 9:27 AM C 69% O HOME VIDEOS PLAYLISTS COMMUNITY STOP Vince Russo on Vince McMahon Taking the


Gadget Mobile phone Communication Device Electronic device Text Cartoon Technology Facial hair Mobile phone accessories Telephony Portable communications device Smartphone

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