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The Town With No Name is a 1992 interactive western film developed by Delta 4 for Commodore CDTV video game console. Generally regarded lackluster in graphics, story, gameplay and most other aspects, the game gained ironic popularity similar to that of Zelda CD-i games, with some of its scenes such as Give Me a Drink, Bartender and Name’s Not Shane, Kid going viral and becoming a subject of parodies and references.


In October 1992, video game developer Delta 4 released The Town With No Name for Commodore CDTV video game console / media center. The game, developed using D.U.N.E. environment, later received backward compatibility for Amiga CD32 and was ported to PC in 1993.

The Town With No Name follows the story of a man who arrives to a small town in the Wild West and gets into a conflict with local bandits. In some of the scenes, player is able to move his cursor, interact with certain objects during action sequences, play a card mini-game and make choices that progress the story (playthrough shown below).


Upon release, the game received negative reviews both from critics and players. On February 24th, 2017, an article about the game was submitted to Crappy Games Wiki.


The game remained virtually unnoticed online until on March 22nd, 2011, YouTube channel World of Longplays posted a full playthrough of the game that received over 41,000 views. On August 17th and 19th that year, YouTuber retsupurae posted two videos in which he and his friend provided humorous commentary on the playthrough. The videos went viral, gaining over 450,000 and 207,600 views in nine years (shown below, left and right).

On August 19th, 2011, YouTube user Princess Amber posted a video titled “Best Video Game ending of all time” which contained one of the possible endings of the game (shown below, left). The video received over 2.2 million views in nine years. On August 27th that year, YouTube user Bluhman posted another scene from the game featuring the character commonly referred to as “retard Abraham Lincoln” (shown below, right).

– Come back, Shane!
– My name’s not Shane, kid!

On December 4th, 2015, YouTube user Sage Maneja uploaded another scene from the game in which the main character requests a drink from the bartender. The player fails the action sequence, with the glass sliding pass him, and falling off the counter. The video accumulated over 3.6 million views in five years.

Give me a drink, bartender!

Starting in 2016, a number of popular streamers and YouTubers uploaded their playthroughs and reviews the game. On March 12th, 2016, YouTuber brutalmoose posted their playthrough that received over 2.1 million views in four years. On March 31st, 2018, Vinesauce Joel streamed the game, with the YouTube VOD gaining over 329,500 views in two years (shown below, left). On December 5th, 2018, YouTuber Angry Video Game Nerd uploaded a review of the game that received over 4 million views in two years (shown below, right).

In memes, the game is most notable for its several scenes that went viral, most notably “Give Me a Drink, Bartender,” “My Name’s Not Shane, Kid” and so-called “Retard Abraham Lincoln”. The scenes have been a subject of parodies online.

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