This Week On TikTok: Cruel Pranks, Teen Angst And Little Shirts Big Pants

Another week, another reason to feel bad for parents of teens.

TikTokers have been up to no good this week but at least their aesthetics are on point. Infamously orange TikToker Sebastian Bails did a big nono this week and pretended to join the military while other TikTokers were busy giving their poor parents a heart attack with a new speeding ticket prank trend. TikTokers are also figuring out new ways of showing off their personal styles with skits and “show me your fit” trends.

Don’t Mess With The Military

TikToker Sebastian Bails, typically famous for his cringe content, went viral on the platform after posting not one, but three videos of himself pretending to join the United States Army. This did not go over well as TikTokers dueted his videos explaining that trivializing a big decision like joining the military is not cool. Bails later said sorry, in a message to the TikTokroom Instagram account, but said he didn’t understand why actors in movies could play soldiers but he couldn’t. It’s certainly a head-scratcher.

Police Parent Pranks

Parents beware! Teens are looking to prank you with a new maniacal trend. These particular antics involve people calling their parents to convince them that they may get a speeding ticket if their parents don’t pretend to have fallen and hurt themselves. TikTokers lie and say that the police are following them home after they told them that they were speeding because their parent fell and they need to check on them. It may worry parents sick, but the results are honestly pretty hilarious.

You Must Be The Person My Kid Is Dating

You Must Be The Person My Kid Is Dating is the trend that tells the story of a TikToker who has been cheated on. How do these victims know? Because their fit doesn’t match their partner’s parent’s descriptions. In fact, they are the polar opposite. In this skit trend, skaters approach parents who are expecting a cheerleader and bookish types are approaching parents who are expecting a football player. Basically, It’s just a way to show off their own personal style.

Little Shirt Big Pants

The 90s are back in style for the Little Shirt Big Pants Girls of TikTok. They may not know who TLC is but their fashion sense says otherwise. Don’t mistake them for the VSCO big shirt little pants girls, these girls are “alt” and are flaunting their mid-drift in several Little Shirt Big Pants “show me your fit” trends. It may not be the most comfortable outfit, but all other combinations of big/little shirt big/little pants are acceptable to Gen Z too.

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