Twitter Has Some Fun After The Daily Express Said Prince Philip Looks “Several Decades Younger” In These Pictures

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is 99 years old, an age most people would agree is not the height of a human’s physical beauty. As the prince has gone up in years, internet jokesters have poked fun at pictures where he doesn’t look too hot, which is why it was all the more bizarre to see The Daily Express post two pictures of him claiming he looked “several decades younger.”

To most people, these pictures are a pretty fair estimation of what 99 years old looks like, but the tweet from Daily Express saying Prince Philip looks several decades younger raised eyebrows and led to a series of jokes where Twitter pondered what the Prince might be “several decades younger” than.

He Does Not


The Pyramids


The Big Bang

Resident Evil Boss

Galapagos Tortoise



Last Neanderthal

Dawn Of Time


Now That’s Hollow



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