Twitter Spots An “Arthur Fist” When Vice Presidents Mike Pence And Joe Biden Meet

Two of the most famous grey-haired men in the world met today, and one seemed a little tense about it.

Photographed together at New York City’s 9/11 memorial to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Joe Biden gave each other a friendly elbow bump out of respect for the setting. The two, currently locked in a heated election for the White House, both wore masks and avoided touching to abide by the health suggestions to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

That morning, Politico’s Christopher Cadelago tweeted a snapshot of the meeting with the age-old caption “Folks.”


The photograph is innocuous enough. Or so it seemed.

Eagle-eyed tweeters zoomed in on Pence’s clenched-fist, which they read as an expression of his true feelings on the meeting.

Ophelia Arcadia @Carecarebeary Replying to @ccadelago Pence wishes 7:57 AM · Sep 11, 2020 · Twitter for Android Community PinSandra Abeyta @SandyAbeyta Replying to @ccadelago 6:31 AM · Sep 11, 2020 · Twitter for iPad  data-src=

Pence’s fist reminded Twitter users of another fist: Arthur’s.

sam. @missauntsam Replying to @ccadelago PIC COLLAGE 6:12 AM · Sep 11, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Cartoon Comics PinJUNIOR @SeriouslyJr Pence got the Arthur fist Christopher Cadelago O @ccadelago · 8h Folks 5:56 AM · Sep 11, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Community Text Adaptation Event


The clenched fist has a storied place in meme culture, dating back to the 2016 meme Arthur’s Fist. It originated in a 1999 episode of Arthur, when the beloved aardvark becomes so enraged with his little sister that he punches her. Luckily, Pence’s meeting with Biden went a little better.

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