Ty Salvetti Reintroduces Society To His Abusers Through TikTok

A child abuse case is being re-examined and the victim is the only one reporting on it.

Ty Salvetti endured years of abuse in the early 2000s by adoptive parents Paul and Debbie Salvetti. In 2007, these newlyweds pulled Ty from school and kept him locked in a dark room with no furniture and very little food. According to court documents, “Debbi Salvetti […] made him eat poisoned fish, drink his own urine and hit him with a baseball bat and a frying pan.” Finally, after a DSS inquiry in October 2008, Paul Salvetti pleaded guilty to child abuse during a session of Superior Court for Forsyth County, North Carolina, and then entered a sentence of a maximum of 33 months. There wasn’t much reporting on the case in 2008, but now Ty Salvetti is finally getting the support he deserves.

On June 18th, Ty Salvetti posted a short video of two adults waiting in a courthouse with the caption, “Paul and Debbie Salvetti- awaiting their fate for abusing me for 15 years! Give them a proper send off.” After a few Google searches, viewers were able to understand the context and responded through positive comments and over 500,000 likes in four days. In his next video, Ty revealed that he can’t speak about the current trial but will happily speak about his own experience.

It might be months until the details of the new trial are made available but, in the meantime, Ty is still giving personal updates, and he state: “Paul and Debbie are suing me for slander FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT MY ABUSE” in a recent video. TikTokers are wishing him well and Ty has responded by saying that he will continue to use the platform and fight for child abuse victims.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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