Using The “Don’t Leave Me!” Format Is The Best Way To Make A Wordplay Joke


Don’t Leave Me / Take Me With You is a viral TikTok video that inspired a series of parodies on the platform in June 2020. The videos typically feature one person making a wordplay joke then running away while the person filming yells “Don’t leave me!” and “Take me with you!”


On June 3rd, 2020, TikToker @ballermac uploaded a video of himself making two separate wordplay jokes about Balenciaga and Armani and promptly running away as the camera person yells “Don’t leave me!” and “Take me with you!” (shown below). The video gained over 289,300 likes in 15 days.


On June 9th, 2020, TikToker @mufadzi3 uploaded a video parodying @ballermac that received over 323,400 likes in nine days (shown below, left). On June 14th, TikToker @tamihawk posted another that garnered over 40,700 likes in four days. On June 17th, TikToker @hitman.zae posted their variation and added the hashtags #takemewithyou and #thinkaboutitchallenge (shown below, right). The video gained over 26,300 likes in a day. StayHipp published an article on the trend.

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