Videos On Twitter Show The Golden Gate Bridge Screaming Over The Weekend


The Golden Gate Bridge Sound refers to the noise made by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California due to the new bike rails installed that reverberate when there are high winds. The sound was first noticed in early June 2020 and caused Twitter users to post videos of the sound and memes regarding the occurrence.


On June 5th, Twitter user @betogilardino posted a video of noise outside their house with the caption, “Can someone explain me why is this eerie sound has been going on for an hour in #SanFrancisco #presidio #sound #eerie #whatisthis #2020SoFar #2020BingoCard” (shown below). The video gained over 3,800 likes and 760 retweets in three days.


On June 5th, 2020, Twitter user @sdw tweeted, “Extremely 2020: the new railings on the Golden Gate Bridge produce a constant, ominous hum in high winds that is audible for miles” (shown below, left). The tweet garnered over 1,800 likes and 400 retweets in three days. The next day, Twitter user @lemonpuree posted a nobody: meme regarding the bridge and gained over 5,500 likes and 890 retweets in two days (shown below, right).

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That same day, Twitter user @RaemondBW posted a video of the bridge with the caption, “The Golden Gate Bridge now makes music. You can hear this whistle all over the city” (shown below). The video accumulated over 30,400 likes and 7,400 retweets in three days.

Twitter user @markkrueg explained that “Engineers designed new sides for the sidewalk to help with wind resistance but didn’t take into account the EXTREME sound it creates when wind passes through it. The bridge sings crazy songs now it’s so trippy. It hurts the ears and unbearable it’s that loud” (shown below). The tweet received over 26,700 likes and 11,700 retweets in three days. The SFGate reported on the sound that day.

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Sakimori+X @agrainofsalt19 The Golden Gate Bridge right now: 2:05 AM · Jun 6, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Mr. Krabs Squidward Tentacles erin Gblm @buckupcamper nobody: golden gate bridge: [intense ethereal whooshing] 1:48 AM · Jun 6, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Kyle MacLachlan Text Jason Gendron @JasonGendron16 People trying to enjoy their lives: Golden Gate Bridge: TOR 33 9 GS 31 8.7 ESPN 1st obc 2:26 AM · Jun 6, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Facial expression People Product Text Community Human Photo caption

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