YouTube Bans Leafy After Violating Anti-bullying Policy

Controversial YouTuber Leafy has been permanently banned by YouTube for violating its anti-bullying policy.

Leafy made waves late last month when he returned from hiatus and released a “content nuke” video on streamer Pokimane, saying her content was boring, that she wasn’t very attractive, and that she had a boyfriend she’d been keeping from her subscribers in order to keep her tier-3 subs. The drama led Pokimane to release an apology video three weeks later where she said she kept her dating life private to avoid any comments about that aspect of her life.

He continued making anti-Pokimane videos, at one point tweeting “I think Pokimane is obsessed with me” before advertising another one of his anti-Pokimane videos.

After the ban, Leafy asked YouTube what could be done to get his account unlocked.

He also made the drama YouTube rounds, having an interview with Keemstar.

Sensing the drama stirring, Pokimane clarified that she had nothing to do with Leafy’s ban.

Source – Know Your Meme News

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